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Numen supports its customers in their digital transformation


David Gray (Numen Europe) details the opportunities of the PSDC new law

David Gray (Numen Europe) details the opportunities of the new law on electronic archiving and status PSDC. A testimony from the 10x6 evening dedicated to FinTech organised on October 21 by the Paperjam Club.


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Numen enters the Top 250 French software publishers Syntec / EY

After acquiring CIMAIL (3rd GED editor and french's safe electronic) in 2014, Numen entered the Top 250 French software and ranked 83th French horizontal publisher software.

The choice of multichannel solutions rewarded.

With the entry to the top 250 software companies, the choice of Numen to provide a complete solution for improving business processes by combining software, services and documentation of business processes outsourcing (BPO) was found

Indeed, the four priority market trends (SaaS, mobility, security and big data) observed by EY are at the heart of NUMEN solutions.


TCOL Marc Le Vernoy (Comex)


Marc Le Vernoy

TCOL Marc Le Vernoy (Comex)The world is changing, and so are our organisations!

Digitisation allows our customers to rethink their professions while placing customer knowledge, compliance and productivity issues at the heart of their information systems and processes. Banks, service companies, cultural and public institutions… Numen helps you to transform your organisation.

Our achievements lie in the Group’s 3 decisive advantages:

  1. A unique 3-in-1 combination of solutions publisher, integrator and document service provider which offers fast service and reduced deployment cost for the solutions proposed.
  2. A local (9 regional bases) and European presence; a R&D and BPO centre in Madagascar
  3. A high degree of agility and strong customer focus, the result of more than forty years in the world of sensitive outsourcing.

25 years Experience in IT services, document services and software sales, passionate about innovation, transformation of organisations and large outsourcing projects. Total commitment to the success of the NUMEN BPO 2018 strategic plan.


Anne Pease
Managing Director

"Outsourcing is a value-added service for companies"

Cloud, SaaS, Digital… The availability of “new” technologies and the acceleration of their deployment make each organisation (re)think its processes, its core business, the value creation… a true revolution for the company, its employees and its customers, who need to review their economic model and reinforce their agility.

Numen supports companies in this transformation, thanks to robust document industrial processes, and a strong customer service shared by all its employees.

25 years in various organisations, from start-up companies to large international groups, from services to industry, and creativity in solutions à la carte and organisation optimisation.


Régis Morantin
Director of Cheque Centre

Banks are experiencing permanent changes linked to new regulatory, technological and economic requirements and must constantly adapt. 

The implementation of SEPA, introducing compliance with regular changes in banking and financial regulations, remote banking services and the introduction of paperless systems, requires a rigorous approach which must also fit in with an aim to reduce bank operating costs.

NPS (Numen Payment Services) offers answers to these important issues: via the optimisation of existing processes, technological innovation and the offer of new services adapted for the use of end clients based on compliance with standards in an environment of high security, both electronic and physical.

30 years experience in the management of businesses offering banking and means of payment services.



David Gray
Deputy Manager Numen Europe

20 years ago, the concept of the "paperless office" saw the light of day…

Today, we are faced with a constantly growing mass of information and documents, in hybrid format (electronic, paper) which we have to manage ever more quickly.

Numen assists its clients in optimising existing situations and guides them towards the introduction of paperless systems for business processes while generating more productivity and efficiency.

Active for more than 20 years in the field of document and information management in the broadest sense, seeking high added value efficiency of services for its clients.


Numen supports its customers in their digital transformation

Our vision is to propose to our customers to support them in their most ambitious transformation projects, by controlling for them at the same time the business, regulatory, technological and information issues.
Industrial and agile, Numen is at the heart of its customers business projects and content with solutions for desktop publishing, dematerialisation, electronic information management, customer relations and outsourcing of the business process management in order to optimise them and to provide a true competitive advantage.