In summary

The recruitment of a new client, or just a commercial expansion can sometimes be complex, through any kind of information and evidence to collect, especially in a relationship of trust with a bank.
As part of the subscription of a general insurance contract, outsource dematerialisation, controls (completeness and compliance) of the necessary papers and documents.


Olivier Morelle

SATI Sales Director

40 years of industrial experience in essential external services for banks enables us to offer reassuring alternatives to support the transformation of our clients.



Eric Blat

Marketing and Alliances Director

Bringing complete solutions for document processing to allow our clients to improve their customer services while optimising their costs, that is our job.

Credit records, litigation files, general insurance documents, savings accounts, enforceable civil law procedures,...

Customer files, patient files or HR files…

There's a Numen Back Office Solution for everything!


IARD sector

Offer description

Property and Casualty contracts types:

  • Home
  • Life accidents insurance
  • Health
  • Legal protection
  • Car / two-wheeled vehicles

Scope of the service proposed by Numen:

  • Receipt of insurance mails on a Numen treatment site or directly on the Bank site,
  • Contracts digitalisation on a Numen treatment site or on the Bank site
  • Contracts indexation,
  • Control of the completeness of contracts,
  • Availability of contracts pictures on a Numen EDM platform accessible via thin client,
  • Delivery to the Bank of associated metadata for integration in the Information System,
  • Sending of notification by email for non-compliant files.

Project challenges

Improving the process global efficiency with the digital switchover:

  • Accelerating information transmission and treatment
  • Making access to information easier and its treatment more reliable.
  • Refocusing employees’ activity on their core businesses.

Reducing production costs:

  • Limiting the paper production, transportation and storage to the minimum absolutely necessary.
  • Outsourcing tasks of low value-added paper handling.
  • Optimising employees’ working hours.

Optimising the Bank document management:

  • Securing information treatment: traceability, decision support.
  • Enriching the Bank digital heritage.

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