In summary

From consulting to card production, through hosted CRM, processing and community management, Numen takes charge of your projects to energise customer relations.


Véronique Magnani

Managing Director Numen Marketing

In the context of a changing customer experience driven by consumers who adopt innovations ever more rapidly, retailers must  rethink customer relations. Digitisation allows new cross-channel, omni-channel and multichannel relational strategies to be put in place. The relationship with the customer must remain simple, effective and enhancing.

Specialist in loyalty, gift and prepaid cards for 25 years, an expert in sales development solutions, optimisation and energising of client-based programmes.


TF1 Téléshopping


TF1 Téléshopping, wishing to use an outsourcing service for the processing of its paper orders, entrusts Numen with the following services following the dispatch by the TFI-Teleshopping customer of their order. 

In a distribution context, the service includes the setting up of a technological process for the recognition of order forms, the development and technological optimisation of incoming mail and finally the creation of a complete process for order management and payment. With a production volume of 180,000 order forms and more than 140,000 cheques per year, Numen achieves exceptional processing times.

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