In summary

By improving file flow while respecting data confidentiality, Numen brings, through digital systems, significant gains in productivity for a hospital staff refocused on service to patients.


Cédric Sylvestre

Managing Director Numen Digital

Our engineers develop solutions for processing all types of documents which represent the assets of your business: invoices, plans, reports, contracts, procedures, customer and supplier files…

Our project leaders also identify your business requirements in order to directly extract exploitable information.




Public Institution

The AFSSAPS is an important component of the French public health system, whose role is to ensure that healthcare products made available to the public and health professionals are of high quality. In response to the concerns expressed by its external partners and in order to reduce certain workloads, the AFSSAPS decided to set up a project with the aim of optimising processes and modernising Information Systems to make numerous exchanges and tasks paperless.

Numen's mission was to consolidate updated annexes of all marketing authorisations into electronic format based on the initial documents, in a standard structure which could be used by computer programs, and then to carry out regular updating of the AMM database.



Information Systems Director of the hospital group Paris Saint-Joseph

The solution proposed by Numen was the most suitable for our needs in terms of functionality and flexibility. We wanted the chosen provider to meet the specific challenges of the hospital sector.

Secured exchanges

Because remote interactions doctors / patients are a real challenge, Numen streamlines and secures your exchanges. The extranet allows you to provide transitional documents to your patients where Safes Digital, private and confidential spaces, preserve persistent documents.

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