In summary

Adapting HR Management, employee recruitment and monitoring for new social behaviours. Reducing costs and risks by better serving management and employees. Numen's paperless solutions respond to these challenges.


Eric Blat

Marketing and Alliances Manager

Once the document has been made paperless it must be stored in an environment which ensures that it can be shared effectively, securely, confidentially and sustainably.

The EasyFolder suite has been designed to serve this objective and offers a solution recognised as being ergonomic and relevant.

EasyFolder suite, with its various modules and connectors, provides a complete solution for making paperless systems an added value for businesses during recruitment, for building loyalty amongst employees and supporting managers.


Jean Bertrand Rouquette

Information Systems and Delivery Manager

The outsourcing of IT resources, of document processes and even business processes offers businesses ways and means which are higher in number, quality and responsiveness, so they can concentrate on their core business and exempt themselves from investment thresholds.

Assisting clients in the industrialisation of processes and optimisation by volume in order to reduce costs, and guaranteeing the compliance, security and regularity of the service rendered and its ongoing enhancement through innovation, that is Numen's job.

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