In summary

Numen’s interoperable document management software, accessible in SaaS or licence mode, are directly connected to our digital factory services. Simple solutions, addressing most of your transformation issues.


Jean Bertrand Rouquette

Information Systems and Delivery Manager

The outsourcing of IT resources, of document processes and even business processes offers businesses ways and means which are higher in number, quality and responsiveness, so they can concentrate on their core business and exempt themselves from investment thresholds.

Assisting clients in the industrialisation of processes and optimisation by volume in order to reduce costs, and guaranteeing the compliance, security and regularity of the service rendered and its ongoing enhancement through innovation, that is Numen's job.


David Gray

Directeur Général Délégué Numen Europe

Our companies have the ambition to cover the entire life cycle of documents, each building on its strengths. Each is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 has the status of support PFS, and has invested heavily to become shortly Digitisation Service Provider and Conservation (PSDC-DC).


Harmonies Mutuelles

Prevadies entrusts Numen with the provision of  services related to the personalisation and dispatch of letters.

The services are as follows: the implementation of electronic data processing, the supply of raw materials, the publishing of documents and finally the monitoring of production. The methods implemented on the different production sites in Chambray, Niort and Meyzieu offer a surveillance system of very high quality.


French leader in the property market

Financial department

The Numen CSP offer has allowed us to outsource the data processing of 3.6 million supplier invoices involving more than one hundred establishments with a level of quality which enables automatic incorporation of flows into our ERP. 

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