In summary

Numen supports communities in the transformation of citizens' behaviour as a result of the digital age, and implements innovative projects that make serving citizens and electors easier on a daily basis.


Véronique Magnani

Deputy Managing Director Dynamicard

In a context of fast change driven by citizens who adopt innovations ever more rapidly, administrative bodies and local authorities must rethink their relationship with the citizen in order to adapt to the multichannel world. Digitisation allows new cross-channel, omni-channel and multichannel relational strategies to be put in place. The relationship with the citizen must be personalised, simple, effective and enhancing.


National Geographic Institute

Public Institution

The IGN (National Geographic Institute) is required by the State to produce geographic data for national territory and make it available to the public (in the form of maps, electronic files or via its website Géoportail).

In order to create a geographic database linking the cadastral data of the DGI (General Directorate for Taxes) with the Institute's geographical data, the IGN has entrusted Numen with the complex task of producing digital images. This involves georeferencing, transformation, the processing of connections and the assembly of scanned cadastral maps.                                                                    

The vectorial input of administrative boundaries required the processing of 200,000 cadastral maps, representing 10 million video encoded reference points.


Jérôme Mendiela

Alliances and Partnerships Manager

Since the advent of electronic writing, legal, technical and security components have been constantly standardised and organised in order to create Digital Confidence.

Numen has already integrated these advances into its paperless service platform.

What drives us at Numen is our conviction that the real issues are to assist our clients in the optimisation of business processes, to take charge of the coexistence of paper and digital media, to demonstrate the benefits of going paperless (savings on postal charges, data quality, acceleration and security of exchanges…).

40 years of service for the most demanding clients in terms of commitment and compliance, 40 years of technological innovation and document-related expertise make the Numen Group the Trustworthy Operator in this new digital era.

"A 30 years' history as a passionate entrepreneur in the communications field, the publishing of software and paperless systems. A solid expertise in the field of paperless systems, and a conviction of the strength of partnership synergies."


European Patent Office

Public institution

The European Patent Office is the executive body of the European Patent Organisation, an intergovernmental organisation created pursuant to the European Patent Agreement which came into force in 1977. Its role is to manage patent search and examination for European patent applications and award European patents.

The purpose of this contract is the input of bibliographic data of patents and related documents (scientific and technical articles) in order to update the EPO's databases. The documents to be inputted are mainly in French, English and German. The operating context involves, amongst others, checking the quality of the files and the characteristics and processes of entry tools, coordinated by a high quality team of project leaders.

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