In summary

Paying cheque-letter is a simple and common act that nonetheless requires security and compliance.
Numen, leader of the means of payment outsourcing, puts its experience, equipment and resources at your service to produce your cheque-letters.


Jérôme Goulet

Director of Operations

The voucher cheque requires expertise and a level of quality which is very demanding and discernible.

Our large and small volume workshops and their staff are familiar with this practice and have authorisations and certifications which are indispensable for this type of production. 


Régis Morantin

Director of Cheque Centre

The NUMEN Group's cheque services cover all banking requirements. This activity is the founder of our culture of the secure processing of data flows, personalisation, tailoring and dispatch at a very high level of requirement in terms of compliance, deadlines and security. 

With a production volume of 1.5 billion cheques per year, this business is one of the means of payment leaders in France. The Numen project has enabled three substantial benefits to be gained such as innovation, flexibility and security, throughout the banking process.




Production on NF K 11 112 certified secure sites
No cheque stock pre-printed with your name in circulation
Secure management of digitalised signatures
Securing sensitive data (blanking of blanks, securing sums and recipient fields)
Beforehand and afterwards systematic monitoring: printed materials, customisation, stock account data.


Prise en charge de l’émission de vos LCR ou BOR
Possibility of a unique basic media regardless of the bank
Removal of internal manual processing
Decrease in stamping costs
Cash flow management by the processing of undeliverable letters
A possible feedback to your banks (bank reconciliation)
Management of the issuance of your recovered bills of exchange (LCR) or electronic promissory notes (BOR)


Complete management of the cheque-letters issuance process
Quality production bearing your brand image
Traceability of your production
As an option, feedback within your information system and cheque images within your EDM
Refocusing employees’ activity on their core business
Possibility of joining communication materials to your sending

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