In summary

By ourselves, we never get far!
Numen acquired prestigious references and major accounts thanks to a network of partners integrating its business CRM and EDRMS software offers and its Document Factory services.


Eric Blat

Directeur marketing et alliances

Pour satisfaire leurs clients les entreprises sont amenées à dépasser la fourniture d'un produit ou d’un service pour offrir une solution globale et personnalisée. Elles sont alors conduites à intégrer les solutions de partenaires.

Le partenaire est celui en qui on a confiance. Confiance dans la qualité de service, confiance dans la loyauté, confiance dans l’avenir commun.

Numen souhaite avoir ce supplément d’âme avec ses partenaires pour qu’ensemble nous fassions des affaires dont nous serons fiers.

Fiers de nos succès commerciaux, fiers du service rendu aux clients et fiers de leur rentabilité.


Numen evolves in different markets whose ecosystem is often complex. To do so, the company has implemented a dynamic partnership policy.

Our partners can be:

  • Manufacturers
  • Consulting firms (strategy, business, optimisation)
  • Training institutes
  • Integrators
  • Hosters
  • Software publishers
  • BPO colleagues
  • Startups and Pure Players
  • Trade unions

According to the proposals of values and the nature of exploited synergies, partnership is developed with each partner and can take bilaterally the form of:

  • Information sharing (market innovations and/or trends)
  • Provision of leads
  • Prescription
  • Co-contracting
  • Subcontracting
  • Integration
  • Resale
  • Innovation co-investment 
  • Joint Venture
  • Collaboration

Whatever the reason for your interest in a partnership approach with Numen, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to reflect with you on how to best develop and advance your project.

Numen CAP

The Numen Club Alliances Partenaires (Alliances Partners Club) allows to share together the successes, leads and objectives of business on target markets.

Numen CAP meets on a quarterly basis on the occasion of a breakfast or a convivial and relaxed cocktail to get to know each other better, innovate around customer projects, develop our overall sales.

It is by sharing success stories that we can better renew them !

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