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How to create, make the editorial collections layout and update them?
Numen offers services of creation, layout and updating of content, whatever the media, so that every information producer can provide its customers with easily assimilated knowledge since it is well structured and updated.


Philippe Schweitzer

Account & Project Manager

Numen Digital is the former prepress and document engineering subsidiary of the Berger Levrault Group created in 1676.

So we have a long experience in the creation, formatting and updating of editorial content!

Editorial services

Editorial services

Our offer

In the publishing and media sector, the management of huge document collections can be hard since the layout, quality or media on which collections are available are too often heterogeneous.

It is an undeniable “plus” in the eyes of employees and external users to have a fully computerised collection that allows easy and rapid access to relevant, reliable, updated, structured, standardised and consolidated information !

Numen provides an overall offer of services (engineering, production, utilisation, hosting) that enhances every types of document, whatever the media of diffusion.

In this way, institutions, publishers, the media sector transmit easily assimilated knowledge since it is well structured and sell updated content.

Our benefits

Numen provides an overall offer of publishing services by enhancing every types of document whatever the media of diffusion (paper, CD-ROM, websites, mobile media).

With this offer, you:

  • Secure the quality control and production (through the use of advanced technology)
  • Optimise delays and quality through modern management and traceability tools
  • Stimulate the text preparation, composition

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