In summary

Numen Group is the major player in France in cheque books and cheque deposits printing and production.
For 40 years, Numen is the banking industry “Trusted Operator” to meet the quality, security, agility and compliance requirements.
Realised in secure (physical and IT) environments, all customer requests are treated in our plants with a great flexibility on different types of working.


Régis Morantin

Director of Cheque Centre

For 40 years, Numen has been the leading manufacturer of cheque-books.

A high quality expertise in the field of secure data processing and production which is the basis of our culture as a trustworthy operator.



Jérôme Goulet

Director of Operations

The voucher cheque requires expertise and a level of quality which is very demanding and discernible.

Our large and small volume workshops and their staff are familiar with this practice and have authorisations and certifications which are indispensable for this type of production. 

Numen Cheque


  • Compliance to the NF K 11-111 and NF K 11-112 banking standards
  • High level of services commitments
  • Management of the whole processing chain of personally-addressed files to be sent


  • Freedom of choice of types and models
  • Insertion of communication thumbnails
  • Flexibility of outsourcing 
  • Pooling at industrial sites


  •  Technological innovation with Web Cheque
  • Management of email/SMS alerts for an efficient customer relationship
  • Use of innovative media (recycled paper)

NF K11-111/112

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