A strategy based on shared success

Both industrial and agile, Numen is an IT service company at the heart of its customers' business projects and content. By understanding their challenges, Numen supports them to provide a true competitive advantage.

With its 9 digital process and production factories and its IT teams, Numen commits itself alongside its customers to their optimisation projects for back offices, customer relations, document management and the enhancement of cultural and sensitive content.



Directeur Marketing et Alliances Groupe

The world is changing, and so are our organisations !

Digitisation allows our customers to rethink their professions while placing customer knowledge, compliance and productivity issues at the heart of their information systems and processes. Banks, service companies, cultural and public institutions… Numen helps you to transform your organisation.

Our achievements lie in the Group’s 3 decisive advantages:

1.    A unique 3-in-1 combination of solutions publisher, integrator and document service provider which offers fast service and reduced deployment cost for the solutions proposed.

2.    A local (9 regional bases) and European presence; a R&D and BPO centre in Madagascar

3.    A high degree of agility and strong customer focus, the result of more than forty years in the world of sensitive outsourcing.

25 years Experience in IT services, document services and software sales, passionate about innovation, transformation of organisations and large outsourcing projects. Total commitment to the success of the NUMEN BPO 2018 strategic plan.

A shared success

A shared success

Our key figures

The 4 pillars of an ambitious strategy


  1. The Group’s profitable and sustained growth especially internationally and in the new segments of BPO and dematerialisation - guarantees us the development and independence essential to our ambitions

  2. Innovation is found in technology but also in economic models and partnerships with our customers (Joint Venture, Public-private partnerships (PPP), complete business operations outsourcing) and various modes of production (shared, dedicated, on customer site, …)

  3. The control of the technological and strategic bricks at the heart of our solutions (EDM, OCR, filing, secure exchange, virtual printer) allows us to provide more economical, complete turnkey solutions and to commit ourselves 100% to the proposed services & solutions.

  4. High-quality customised service is at the heart of the Group’s 1,000 employees.

Our corporate culture key values

Service Company for 40 years, born out of the customisation of cheque books for the banks, the Numen Group has embedded in its DNA the profession of trusted operator for the digital processing of sensitive documents and the business processes outsourcing.

The entrepreneurial spirit, fulfilment of the commitments, agility and reactivity are the values to be found in each of the 9 companies of the Group and that determine our customers’ loyalty. 

A stable and sustainable family shareholding allows the development of long-term strategies.

A unique player on the European market

Synergies between its complementary activities (solutions development, hosting, inbound and outbound processing) make Numen a unique player in Europe.

We support our customers from the design to the SaaS hosting of their solutions, through service on customer’s site (Facilities management) and consideration of all the services related to the document management.

Service commitments + reporting + dedicated contacts = the 3 key elements of the relationship between Numen and its customers.

Our ambition for tomorrow

Numen is already a leading player on traditional businesses such as desktop publishing, customisation of cheques, payment orders and loyalty cards. A sustained organic and external growth policy complements the Group’s ambitious goals on new businesses such as dematerialisation, software development and BPO.

Our ambition is to support our customers with their most ambitious transformation projects, by simultaneously controlling their business, regulatory, technological and document issues.

Already No 1 in Europe for its cultural heritage digitisation activities and No 1 in France for its cheques and payment orders activities, Numen strives to become a front-line service Group, leader in Europe, by 2018.

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