Anne Pease

Managing Director

Cloud, SaaS, Digital… The availability of “new” technologies and the acceleration of their use make each organisation (re)think its processes, its core business, the value creation… a true revolution for the company, its employees and its customers, who need to review their economic model and reinforce their agility.

Numen supports companies in this transformation, thanks to robust document industrial processes, and a strong customer service culture shared by all its employees.


25 years in varied organisations, from start-up companies to large international groups, from services to industry, and a creativity used to work on search for solutions and organisation optimisation.


"Outsourcing adds value to the company"


Cécil Carrier


“I always thought Numen had to be the first customer to use its own services. The implementation of a Finance SSC (Shared Service Centre) allowed the dematerialisation of our Purchase chain, considerable productivity gains and to stimulate our team around an innovative project. We successfully tested digital transformation!”

The financial communication liability and relevance were the focus of my work, especially based on technological change that revolutionised these last 30 years.

To me, Numen embodies today this progress that serves the good and swift past, present and future performance measurement.


From office audit to large Group, from Management Control to the Finance Department, I used technology and my skills to serve a relevant and reliable management.


"Numen had to be the first customer to use its own services!"


Eric Blat

Marketing Director

Smart cards, Fax, Internet, Emails, Pagers, GSM, SMS, CD, DVD, USB key, Skype and other social media came to our work environment in 40 years. Few of them disappeared, some are still significant: 25% of financial transaction orders are made by fax, 16% of payments are made by cheque and Amazon still sells VHS players… The 20th century created multimedia, the 21th century inherits it: everything is hybrid!
A new media creates new uses and gets into our exchanges environment. The company that used to interact with its customer by mail incorporated the fax, email, then the mobility and web…
Each day the world gets a little more hybrid. Serving a customer in a qualitative, sustainable and profitable manner requires a continuous adaptation to this reality. Numen’s vocation is to help you do so.


 Entrepreneur and solutions creator from the start, enthused about the use of information technology and convinced that there is intelligence in connivance.


"Serving a customer in a qualitative, sustainable and profitable manner requires a continuous adaptation to multi-channel"


François Chahuneau

Director of Technology

The market changes expose companies to two constraints in terms of competitiveness:


  • They need to develop their capacity for innovation in their founding skills to build a differentiating business portfolio.
  • They need then to make the customer’s satisfaction the guiding principle of their activities organisation. They are then required to go over the supply of a product to provide a global and customised solution.

Our customers’ satisfaction through innovation is one of Numen’s priority, this is why R&D is a key component of the Group’s strategy. To optimise the quality and cost of our customers’ services, to enhance the efficiency of our production chains and provide to our customers innovative services that allow to make theirs loyal, Numen annually invests 7% of its turnover on research programme.


25 years in R&D, consulting and development of packages focused on the theme of document and computer… in all its forms.

"Our customers’ satisfaction through innovation is one of Numen’s priority"


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