Our commitment

Since 2008, the Numen Group has been committed to a sustainable approach by defining an action plan in the societal, economic and environmental fields.


Loic Ziaja

Responsable QSDD

La fidélité et la durée des relations que nous entretenons avec nos clients et nos fournisseurs nous permettent de bâtir un ensemble de mesures pertinentes, pour lesquelles les différentes parties prenantes ont un rôle à jouer.

Our commitment

Numen will exchange and share knowledge and good practices among its regular partners such as suppliers, customers, neighbors, communities, competitors.

Our approach

Numen is a member of the United Nations Covenant program.
Numen organizes its Sustainable Development approach around actions spread over 3 standard pillars:

  • Economic Actions
  • Equities
  • Environmental actions

Societal measures

1. In April 2009, Numen committed to the United Nations Global Impact and committed to the 10 principles regarding human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and fight against corruption.

2. Our stakeholders’ continuous awareness requires a variety of regular communications about Sustainability.

3. Our interest in sustainable development extends beyond our own scope: we exchange with our customers, our suppliers, we participate in regional actions.

Social measures

1.  We set up a communication in the development of the Numen Group.

2.  Encouraging the employment of disabled people remains one of our main goal. We defined two main lines of actions: a partnership with our temporary employment agencies to integrate disabled workers and the development of subcontracting operations realised by specialised companies.

3. To prevent the risk of social abuses, the coaching service incorporated social indicators in its management process:

Man/woman equity among employees – Absenteeism
Training plan – Age pyramid
Years of service – Turn-over

Environmental measures

1. The sorting and recovery of waste are part of our daily life for many years:

- The recovery and associated treatment of all our toner cartridges used by our office and production printers.
- Sorting and recovery of all waste: papers, cardboards, plastics, pallets.

2.  The water consumption is an environmental indicator:

- Creation of an information file raising awareness about the increasing scarcity issue of this resource to be part of the changes in behaviours and attitudes.
- Layout of the sanitation facilities.

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