In summary

The production of your payment orders in total confidence.
A payment order is an extremely sensitive document, half way between a bank cheque and a bank note.
It is your customers’ relationship core media.


Régis Morantin

Director of Cheque Centre

For 40 years, Numen has been the leading manufacturer of cheque-books.

A high quality expertise in the field of secure data processing and production which is the basis of our culture as a trustworthy operator.



Régis Morantin

Director of Cheque Centre

A travellers cheque, a restaurant voucher, a gift token, a CESU (special cheque book for employers), a gift card…
Each time I see one of my compatriots using these means of payment, I am proud of our production teams who provide all the major issuers with an effective and high-quality service.



Payment orders?

The production of vouchers (gift, holiday, restaurant, fuel, service) or payment orders (culture, museum, book, cinema, concert, theatre, canteen, sports and leisure, crèche) must satisfy very strict constraints:

  • Security/confidentiality of information
  • Total traceability of the process of manufacture
  • Short delays
  • Management of seasonal peaks

The issuing institutions and companies have also to ensure a seamless supply to their customers and users.
Our production sites, NF K 11-111 and NF K 11-112 certified, have harmonised industrial and IT solutions allowing to secure the whole production chain and to ensure a total traceability of flows.


The Agence Nationale pour les Chèques Vacances (ANCV) is the main State operator in the field of social policy of tourism.

Under the double supervision of the ministries in charge of Tourism and of Economy and Finance, the Agency fulfils a social mission: making holidays accessible to as many people as possible and contributing to the renovation of social tourist facilities.

Since 1998, Numen customises, makes and delivers holiday vouchers for the ANCV.


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