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Providing the software solutions and technical and human resources to deploy them in organisations in “SaaS” or “on premise” mode.

Accompanying our customers’ transformation through digital


Laurent Richardeau

Deputy Managing Director Numen Solutions

For more than 25 years the Numen- Numen Solutions teams have combined their expertise in the electronic management of documents using CRM know-how.

This double skill is very important as once a record has become paperless it is associated with a contact, a business or a documentary process which presumes a relationship with a third party who is often a customer.

Now incorporated into all Numen's document services, the Easyfolder suite offers a complete solution both with regard to software and services (digitisation, indexing, collection or distribution, printing on demand, etc ..) in order to serve businesses constantly in search of performance and savings.


Jean-Bertrand Rouquette

Information and Delivery System Manager

We have placed our secure data flow processing infrastructures at the service of our electronic archiving offers.

This security culture is regularly audited and combined with the latest technology. It allows us to offer a secure archiving service as a complement to the processing of document flows.



David Gray

Deputy Manager Numen Europe

20 years ago, the concept of the "paperless office" saw the light of day…

Today, we are faced with a constantly growing mass of information and documents, in hybrid format (electronic, paper) which we have to manage ever more quickly.

Numen assists its clients in optimising existing situations and guides them towards the introduction of paperless systems for business processes while generating more productivity and efficiency.

Active for more than 20 years in the field of document and information management in the broadest sense, seeking high added value efficiency of services for its clients.


Suite Easyfolder

A solution for each need to manage your digital content

The dematerialisation development increases the needs to preserve issued or received electronic documents, electronic original documents or digitised copies and data.

In addition to the documentary heritage consolidation and sharing objectives, challenges of data integrity, information life cycle management and preservation of a document legal force.

Electronic archiving thus widened its range of objectives and for those challenges Numen provides a complete range of digital content management software.

  • Easyfolder Documents Manager: Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Easyfolder Records Manager: Electronic document and records management system (EDRMS)
  • Easyfolder Safes Manager: Digital Safe (DS)

A set of connectors, plug-ins and companion products is also available:


Document processing

The Numen Group, with its 12 Documents Factories providing industrial resources of document digitalisation, customisation and routing, provides its customers with a range of software on SaaS mode to easily benefit from these services:

Numen Express

The solution that, from your workstation, allows to group together your regular mails with our industrial flows so that you make savings of 30 % of stamping costs.

Numen Exchanges

A services platform to help you support your customers towards dematerialisation. Enrolment, certified exchanges and personal spaces… everything needed for a quickly operational project.

Numen Web Capture

Qualifying, indexing a digitised document on SaaS mode… Numen engineers provide you with an incredibly easy, user-friendly and efficient tool.

Numen SmartGED

Confronted with large document volumes, needs of loading in very short delays and the need for absolute compatibility with all its customers systems, Numen created a 100 % web services and powerful EDM engine based on the CMIS standard.

Business CRM

Numen developed a specialised configuration layer to verticalise Microsoft Dynamics © and adapt it to the needs of the following markets:

  • Real-estate
  • Insurance for people
  • Social assistance management
  • Retail

Numen Express

Without changing users’ habits, the document is addressed to the Numen Document Factory that will print it in colour, envelop it, stamp it at the best price and deliver it to the post office…

Numen Express Offer

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