In summary

Numen automates the finance department's processes to meet the new regulations, reduce time and processing costs, secure sensitive data and improve the quality of services.


French leader in the property market

Financial department

The Numen CSP offer has allowed us to outsource the data processing of 3.6 million supplier invoices involving more than one hundred establishments with a level of quality which enables automatic incorporation of flows into our ERP. 


Jérôme Goulet

Director of Operations

The voucher cheque requires expertise and a level of quality which is very demanding and discernible.

Our large and small volume workshops and their staff are familiar with this practice and have authorisations and certifications which are indispensable for this type of production. 


TF1 Téléshopping


TF1 Téléshopping, wishing to use an outsourcing service for the processing of its paper orders, entrusts Numen with the following services following the dispatch by the TFI-Teleshopping customer of their order. 

In a distribution context, the service includes the setting up of a technological process for the recognition of order forms, the development and technological optimisation of incoming mail and finally the creation of a complete process for order management and payment. With a production volume of 180,000 order forms and more than 140,000 cheques per year, Numen achieves exceptional processing times.

Digitalization of procurement functions

Control your spendings and make savings thanks to a complete, innovative and ergonomic e-Purchasing solution. The Numen solutions enable you to build and to automatically update vendor repositories, catalogs or a contrathèque.

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