In summary

Registered via the website, the prospect confirms by email that he is transferring his bank account details by mail, wanting the contract for tomorrow. His Board confirmed the terms by fax. With its solutions, Numen supports you in multichannel control!


Olivier Morelle

BPO Activities Manager

Consumer behavior has changed, information systems and internal processes as well! Numen is listening to its customers to assist them in the development of new business models to serve their organizations.

More than 15 years of experience in the field of complex BPO, has a solid experience in the field of outsourcing process "trade" and the introduction of new services.



Public transport

RATP is the fifth largest player in the public transport market in the world. Faced every day with requirements in terms of safety and decisive issues such as paperless systems for incoming documents, the videocoding service allows the processing system of their activities.

The reports drawn up by the controllers of bus networks, RTR and the Metro are entirely managed by the IRC (Infraction Recovery Centre), which supervises recording, monitoring and file recovery procedures. In order to refocus the IRC on its task of recovering reports, the input of documents is entrusted to NUMEN.

This will facilitate the inputting of reports while bringing together a varied service for the digitisation and composting of infraction reports with a 48 hours' processing time after taking charge of the infraction reports and an average volume of 1750 infraction reports per day.

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