In summary

Numen supports communities in the transformation of citizens' behaviour due to the digital age, and implements innovative projects that make serving citizens and electors easier on a daily basis.


Véronique Magnani

Deputy Managing Director Dynamicard

In a context of fast change driven by citizens who adopt innovations ever more rapidly, administrative bodies and local authorities must rethink their relationship with the citizen in order to adapt to the multichannel world. Digitisation allows new cross-channel, omni-channel and multichannel relational strategies to be put in place. The relationship with the citizen must be personalised, simple, effective and enhancing.


European Commission DG for Research

Public Institution

Framework Programmes for Research and Development are voted on by the EU, in order to fund research projects submitted to calls for applications (around 100 per year). The European Commission DG for Research outsources the management of the entire evaluation process of funding applications by the entire scientific community of the European Union to Numen. Since 1998, it has renewed its trust in Numen for each framework programme.            

The ESS (Evaluation Support Service) is based right in the Commission's headquarters. Numen receives and manages thousands of grant applications per year and ensures that the scientific experts can concentrate fully on the evaluation process, by providing them with all the support and expertise they require to successfully carry out their evaluation, without having to worry about material contingencies.

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