In summary

So you can keep, circulate and add value to a documentary heritage whatever its original form (Press, photos, objects, books, videos), Numen supports you in this process with its experts, solutions and dedicated platforms.




Proquest is an American publisher, a leader for 70 years in the publication and dissemination of cultural content for institutions, researchers and universities, which positions itself as a "disseminator of knowledge". 

In fact, through its web portals, this player makes available numerous and often exclusive documentary and bibliographic resources to its members. As part of the "Early European Books Online" project, with the aim of digitising works printed before 1700 from the largest European libraries, the American publisher Proquest chose Numen, to manage onsite digitisation and production operations.

The service consisted of setting up, shaping, digitising, producing and indexing 6 million pages per year in different locations.

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